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Biologists of the E.N. Huyck Preserve
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Biologists of the E.N. Huyck Preserve


Illustrating Nature

Discover the relationship between art and science and experience first-hand how to capture the essence of the natural world through illustration. Professional illustrators and mentors guide students and teachers through the process of natural illustration and assist students in developing skills in the transformation of observation to historical documentation from an artist's perspective.

Scientific Method

Students learn the scientific process in a professional setting. Working in small groups with experienced field biologists, students develop a hypothesis based on their observation of a plant-animal interaction. Students go out into the field (and stream) to collect data and return to the lab to analyze data, draw conclusions and ponder - then critique their conclusions the way scientists do!

Tracking Change

Students will visit the forest ecosystems "censused" by scienties in the past. They will add to data collected by previous researchers and learn appropriate field techniques. Back int he lab they will compare their findings with past research and present observations on change, possible causative factors and applications. The students' data becomes part of the Preserve's monitoring database for the forest.

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