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Diane Gallo

Diane is an award-winning writer, editor and poet. A master teaching artist and co-founder of the Association of Teaching Artists, Diane works extensively with schools and cultural institutions throughout New York. Diane was named one of America's 250 most gifted community artists by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation's Creating for the Millennium - Artists

Diane's workshops are endowed by the Whiteside-Ehlert Memorial Writing Series


How to Write the Story of Your Life

Some call if autobiography. Others call it memoir. But whatever you call it, it's your life and your story - and you're the hero. Award-winning author and veteran writing coach Diane Gallo will help you discover how to get started writing stories from your life - without breaking a sweat. And she'll provide quirky questions that will organize life experiences in unexpected ways that will make students laugh out loud. In turning every day life into stories that will delight and entertain, students will also be getting to know the kid who will soon become his/her best friend!

Recipe for a Classic Poetry Slam

Mix together a few dozen high school students with a passion for language, drama and self expression.? Form ensemble teams and challenge each team to stage a classic poem (provided).

Add a yeasty exercise and stir while each team member writes an original poem for solo performance.? After poems have risen, teams work together to coach each other for performance.

Now here comes the slam!? Poems are performed for a random panel of judges - using Olympic scoring.? Wham, bam!? The team with most points becomes the winner of the Minds On Classic Poetry Slam!? All go home with a greater passion for the spoken word - and an appreciation of the poetry of master and emergent poets.

Sudden Theatre

Diane Gallo will call for script concepts in advance. At the workshop, Diane leads students through the element and process of developing story and "honest" dialog. Participants working in teams work one or several of their critiqued concepts into dramas for an end-of-day staged reading.

World in a Grain of Sand: A Poetry Games Program

This poetry immersion workshop uses games and hands-on activities to explore core elements of poetry. Activities like the Poetry-go-Round allow students to focus attention on the pleasures of the language while absorbing principles of structure, rhythm and rhyme. Workshop activities include critical experiences of "seeing" white space and exploring the nature of poetic content - in finding, as Blake said, "the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower." Activities include simple book structures for elementary grades and performance and presenting ideas for upper grades. These games and activities are guaranteed to take the fear out of poetry and deliver the maximum amount of success in the shortest amount of time.

Writing History (Civil War)

The Civil War will explode into life as students storm the walls of the Queensbury Hotel for a day of furious hand-to-page writing. With pencils fixed, students will dramatize history and write stories, poems and dispatches based on a variety of wartime situations posed by the veteran writing mentors who will lead the day's skirmishes (workshops).

Young Writers Day

Each participating student will be a writer for a day of interactive, thematic, real-world writing situations to "hook" the imagination and/or memories of the young to the wonder and power of the written word. Theme for May 2010 is "Dispatches From the Front": Writing from and through the Civil War.

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