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Richard Miller

Richard is a Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers(CIBT) trained educator and Minds On DNA consultant.


DNA / Immunology - ELISA

This workshop simulates the outbreak of a disease in your classroom and uses real antibodies to track the outbreak. Students learn how HIV, bird flu, mad cow disease, genetically modified organisms, and the molecular markers of cancer, pregnancy, or drug use are detected in the real work. Bio-defense, immunology, agriculture, and health science is explored in this topical, hands-on, classroom lab. This activity facilitates teaching immune system functions and the unique properties of antibodies that have revolutionized medicing, epidemiology and life science research.

DNA Goes Bananas!

A close look at DNA and DNA technology is in store for students as they isolate banana DNA and find out how the "stuff" on CSI is really done. Hands on with hi-tech equipment including electrophoresis solves the "mystery"! Students leave with a sample of DNA to show off at home.

DNA Profiling in the Courtroom

Students will cut DNA with restriction enzymes. The DNA fragments will be separated electrophoretically on an agarose gel. The results will simulate a DNA profile and will be used to learn how this type of evidence is interpreted and used in the courtroom.

DNA Teacher Training

All schools sending teachers to this workshop are eligible to borrow Cornell's DNA equipment through the Minds On DNA Lending Laboratory.

This one day program is appropriate for teachers both new to DNA technology and previously trained teachers seeking a refresher opportunity.

The workshop is designed to meet the needs of the participants and can include:

  • DNA Extraction (MS and HS)
  • DNA Restriction Digest (HS Honors / AP Bio)
  • DNA Profiling Crime Scene Investigation (MS and HS)
  • Data Analysis (MS, HS, AP).


  • will use state-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • may request lab materials and equipment for use in their classrooms
  • have a collaborative relationships with other teachers and with the base-pair, Alison and Richard Miller

Genetic Transformations

Students will learn about the process of genetic transformation, the moving of genes from one organism to another with the aid of the pGLO plasmid. They will insert a gene into bacteria that codes for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). The resulting transformed bacteria express their newly acquired gene and produce the fluorescent protein which causes them to glow a brilliant green color under ultraviolet light.

Intro to Biotechnology

Students begin with ‘scoping out “wee beasties” under a microscope and move on to viewing chromosomes in action during cell division. Chromosomes, DNA and genes now become the focus of the experience while DNA models are made and DNA is extracted from cells. The technological equipment to be introduced and used by students will be microscopes, micropipettors, micro-centrifuges, and gel electrophoresis units. Technical processes include proper use of equipment, DNA extraction, chromatography and electrophoresis separations.

Young Scientists Day

Each participating student will be a scientist for a day of interactive, situational, real-world tasks to "hook" the imagination and memories of the young to the wonder and power of science.

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