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LYC Program of the NYSBALYC Program of the NYSBALYC Program of the NYSBA

Lawyers from the Law, Youth and Citizenship Program of the New York State Bar Association.


Civics Education

The Law, Youth and Citizenship Program of NYSBA will present a demonstration and overview of quality civic education programs and resources that are readily available and free. Geared toward 5-12 grade educators, presenters will focus on programs that meet Common Core requirements and NYS Social Studies standards. Nationally-acclaimed programs such as We the People, iCivics and Project Citizen will be discussed, as well as state programs such as the NYSBA Mock Trial Program. Participants will come away with books, lesson plans and a renewed commitment to bringing citizenship education into the classroom.

Ethics: the Law and Science

We are on the verge of a biological revolution sparked by advances in reproductive technology, including cloning. But are we ready for it? Students will discover the science of cloning and its many purposes. They will then engage in a workshop to develop public policy that will address the social, ethical and legal issues raised by this controversial subject. The day will culminate in a legislative hearing where students will appear before "real" legislators to defend their views.

First Amendment and the Press

A new workshop design by legal professionals to explore the implications and meaning of the first amendment to the press.

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