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Writers' Retreat for Teachers
Teacher development workshop

This workshop will provide educators with time to develop and strengthen their own writing, reflect on their teaching and enjoy the collegiality of a professional learning community (as per Danielson, Domain 4).  During this 24 hour, “learn-by-doing” retreat, educators will have the opportunity to experience the “writer’s life” (drafting, revising, conferring) while at the same time mastering classroom techniques and enjoying the support of a professional community.  Activities will be coordinated with the Common Core Learning Standards, and certificates of completion will reflect those standards.


  • To provide insight into literacy instruction by allowing teachers to experience first-hand a variety of strategies for engaging students in the various stages of the writing process
  • To provide teachers with the experience of “writing narratives to develop real or imagined experiences…using effective technique….”(Common Core, Wrtg Standards)
  • To provide participants with a professional community that can continue throughout the school year.
  • To give each participant the opportunity to discover/re-discover his/her writer’s voice, and thus demonstrate methods for doing the same with students
  • To enable participants to experience various approaches to “tapping the sources” of good writing (i.e., experience, memory, emotion, imagination, etc.), and thus provide teachers with a repertoire of teaching strategies 
  • To provide participants with time for writing and reflecting on the process; 
  • To encourage participants to:  explore various genres; experience/re-experience the benefits of conferring with other writers;explore various methods of eliciting a writer’s “voice”; experience using various contemporary writers as “mentors;” appreciate the pleasures of writing and revising.

Designed for: K-12 teachers and other school professionals who have not had time to write, or for those who have writing projects in progress

Inservice Credit (with district approval):  15 contact hours


Linda Miller

Linda has been a teacher of literature, creative writing, and English as a Second Language to students K - college for more than 25 years in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, upstate New York, and Connecticut.  She's™ been a recipient of NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) fellowships and has served on an advisory panel for the NEH. In addition, she has presented papers on the teaching of writing at state and national conferences; spent many years as an Institute facilitator and teacher-fellow for the Connecticut Writing Project; served as Writing Coordinator K-12 for the Pelham Public Schools in Westchester County, NY and authored the K-12 Writing Curriculum for the Pelham Schools. In addition, her essays have appeared in The New York Times, and her poems have been published in a variety of journals and anthologies. She had a chapbook of her poetry published by Finishing Line Press, Something Worth Diving For, in 2012. 

Linda's workshops are endowed by the
Whiteside-Ehlert Memorial Writing Series

Bonnie Persico

Bonnie has been a classroom teacher for over thirty years. She has facilitated writing retreats for the Greater Capital Region Teacher Center. She currently teaches fifth grade in the Greenville Central School District.

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